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Previous Years Speakers


Mark Kaplan, will present and answer questions about upcoming town elections on March 17th.  Mr. Kaplan is the town Moderator, one of the most powerful positions in town.  He appoints the members of the Advisory Board, who make important decisions on behalf of our 27,982 residents.


Chief Jack Pilecki, is a 34-year veteran of the Wellesley Police Department.  Chief Pilecki will speak about how the Opioids Epidemic has affected Wellesley residents and what measures are taken to help deal with the situation.


Kaila Webb, Wellesley College Republicans, has conducted fascinating research on Opioids Epidemic and will further explain its causes and ramifications in Massachusetts and in society as a whole.


Paul Flanagan, Knights of Columbus, will speak about honoring our historic heritage by not forgetting our mistakes and by keeping "Columbus Day" as well as "Indigenous People's day" on the special TMM vote on March 30th.

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Ingrid Centurion, WomenVets, 22 yr Army pilot, will lead a Better Angels' event in Wellesley and explain why it is a crucial step to heal the divisiness.


Debby Dugan, State Committee Woman, Board member of Renew Mass Coalition will speak about the drivers' license laws for illegals and the sanctuary state legislation being passed on Beacon Hill.

Mary Ellen Sieglerjpreg.jpg

Mary Siegler, Massachusetts Informed Parents, will talk about the Sex-Ed Mandate which sexualizes our kids at an early age, contains highly explicit material and promotes promiscuity and high-risk behaviors to children.


Jamie Gass, Pioneer Institute, will present 2019 English and Math disappointing results in MA for 4th grade and 8th grade.

Mr Gass will define the challenges we are facing in Public Education in MA at the present time.

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