Past events

Kaila Webb, Wellesley College Republicans, spoke about her struggle to start and lead her club, dealing with harrassment on her person because she is conservative, and her efforts to offer a place where different opinions are listened to and respected.

Ingrid Centurion, Women Vets, spoke about what it means to be a 22 yr air force pilot and a proud Republican.

She spoke about her compassion for homeless women vets and her passion for inspiring others through public speaking.

Dan Stack, Disabled American Veteran spoke about its mission, its achievements and how anyone can help to support disabled veterans by taking easy steps.

Lauren Duprey came to speak on the importance of finding a path forward that the town supports for the HHU school project.  Lauren is running for school committee on March 17.

Mari Passananti, came to speak about the importance of voter input and fiscal prudence when considering rebuilding schools.  See the attached video.

Kaila Webb, Wellesley College Republicans presented on the importance of freedom of speech, why having a debate in the arena of ideas is crucial to learning how to think for yourself, and how her non-profit is providing this forum on college campuses.


Wellesley Republican Town Committee