Past WRCT Meetings

Updated: Apr 1

Recent WRTC Meetings:

  • December 2021 Christmas Party

  • January WRTC Meeting featuring Emily Burns and Julie Hall, candidates for Congress

  • February WRTC In Person Meeting (Caucus)

  • March WRTC in Person Meeting Featuring Geoff Diehl for Governor

Featured Meeting:

WRTC Meeting November 3rd Meeting

The next WRTC meeting was on Wednesday November 3rd @ 7:00 PM

We had an excited agenda planned for our November Meeting.

Meet our Speakers!

Carl Copland

political director for Mass Fascial Alliance will talk to us about the redistricting in Wellesley and what this means for upcoming elections

Police Chief Jack Pilecki

will share with us the latest information on the bullying incident at Wellesley High School

Pete Jones

will discuss the spending plan for the Wellesley Elementary Schools and how this will impact our taxes and the outcome of the vote at Town Meeting on October 25th

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