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Wellesley RTC Went to the GOP Convention in Springfield

Thursday May 21st 2022 in Springfield MA

2022 Massachusetts Republican Convention

The 2022 Massachusetts Republican Nominating Convention was held on Saturday, May 21, at the MassMutual Center in Springfield. More than 2,000 delegates attended across the state to consider candidates for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of the Commonwealth, Treasurer and Auditor. Being at the convention was exciting for a first time delegate. The theme of the event was prevailing freedom, which was set against the backdrop of a state and nation reeling from toxic Democratic Party policies. As a delegate we had the unique opportunity to choose between Republican candidates Geoff Diehl and Chris Doughty. We picked Diehl by a 71-29 margin.. Candidates for lieutenant governor Leah Allen Cole and Kate Campanale finished 869 to 367, with Cole outdistancing Campanale by nearly the exact same number. Both candidates for Governor and their running mates received the required 15 percent of delegates’ votes and qualified for the primaries in September. Here are the official results of the delegate voting. Along with the heated governor's race, the convention saw uncontested candidates Anthony Amore, running for state auditor, Rayla Campbell, running for secretary of the commonwealth, and Jay McMahon, running for state attorney general, all delivered dynamic speeches that brought delegates to their feet and contributed to the energy in the room. Before the candidates took the podium, there were several featured speakers including Florida U.S. Rep. Byron Donalds, a member of the House Freedom Caucus; Thomas Homan, acting U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director under President Donald Trump, and David Bereit, founder of the 40 Days for Life movement. The energy for a new direction for Massachusetts was present in the line up and the GOP message of individual freedoms, constitutional protections, and sovereignty became clear. “Our candidates for statewide office are special in that they will offer Massachusetts voters a real choice: Either we continue down this road of woke and broke lunacy or we change lanes and put the Democrats’ inflation, indoctrination, and intimidation into the rearview mirror,” Lyons said following the event. Between now and Election Day in November, we need to tap into this energy and focus on the importance of grassroots local efforts to grow the GOP base and the GOP message. As the left becomes more radical, the GOP message resonates more and more with Americans.

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